May 2016

The African Spoonbill

The African Spoonbill is an extraordinary bird. I mean seriously, it has a spoon on its' face! Jokes aside though, I find the adaptations of species like the spoonbill utterly fascinating. Their very long, thin legs allow them to wade... Continue Reading →

Home is where the heart is

My life sometimes gets crazy as I'm sure everyone else's does to. I get so wrapped up in work or my personal life that I forget to take a moment, breathe and appreciate what I have. I live in the... Continue Reading →

Having the Leopard Luck 

For as long as I can remember, the leopard has always been my favourite animal. There is something so mysterious about them, I think that is the characteristic that draws the interest that always seems to follow them. They're different... Continue Reading →

Keep a journal, it will become an album full of memories 

Isn't it strange how time flies? Just over a week ago I was positively overcome with excitement for my Kruger trip and now I'm back at work, back to normalcy like it didn't even happen. Except it did. I love... Continue Reading →

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