Isn’t it strange how time flies? Just over a week ago I was positively overcome with excitement for my Kruger trip and now I’m back at work, back to normalcy like it didn’t even happen. Except it did.
I love to write, I always have and I have always kept a journal when I am away from home. Our brains just do not hold the capacity to remember every funny moment, incredible view or breathtaking sunset – sometimes we need reminding.

I also write for practical reasons. Things I just think I might need to know in the future; where is the closest place to fill up with diesel from Harare? Was it cold there in April? Do you remember the name of that restaurant we ate at in Victoria Falls with crocodile on the menu? How many Kilometers is it between the two gates in the Imfalozi Park? Did we need a 4×4 on that road?

One of the things I always do is set goals, all kinds of goals. When I am in the bush I think about what I want to do next, where I want to go, what I’m dying to see but haven’t had the chance. Last year I spent a long weekend in the Imfalozi Park, this is not an uncommon occurrence (I sometimes feel it’s my home away from home). But on this long weekend I had decided that I had to make the trip to Kruger and so I set a goal “Kruger 2016”. It was an awesome feeling sitting by the camp fire at Letaba, flicking through my journal and seeing this, success! 

I love being able to look back on my memories and be transported to that week, that day, that moment in my life.