My life sometimes gets crazy as I’m sure everyone else’s does to. I get so wrapped up in work or my personal life that I forget to take a moment, breathe and appreciate what I have. I live in the midlands of KwaZulu Natal, it is a truly magnificent place and I am blessed. I have been increasingly aware of this lately so I thought I’d share.

I am often in search of beauty in nature that brings about any sort of positive energy to my life, sometimes I search so hard that I forget to look out of window (literally) and take it all in. These photographs are all taken off of my cell phone over the past few weeks. I live in an incredible place. I am beyond lucky that this is what I get to come home to every day.
People often ask me why I have never moved too far away from the small town where I grew up. You want to know why I’m a small town, midlands girl? This is why. I encourage you to find the beauty on your doorstep, it’ll be there, you just have to look.