My favourite antelope, the Waterbuck. I think it’s the fluff factor, if you have ever seen a Waterbuck calf you’ll know exactly what I mean. A baby Waterbuck has more fluff than the unicorn from Despicable Me. Aside from that though, the adaptation gods have been rather generous to this species. They spend most of their time next to water which may just be because they don’t get cold or wet due to their specially designed, almost waterproof coats (but I like to think that it’s because the river banks of Africa always seem to have the best views). An additional evolutionary blessing is that lions generally don’t eat them, which I would think is considered to be a relatively beneficial trait in the animal world. A secretion from special glands under their coats create the ‘waterproofing’ effect, this secretion also causes a foul taste and smell to their meat so they tend to be last on the menu for predators.

I have lots of photographs of these gorgeous animals but the below is definitely in my top three. Not because of the shot but I just love the look on this cows face. She seems so gentle yet slightly amused by us.

The heart shaped nose is the cherry on top of the cuteness, I am obsessed with these gorgeous creatures.