I took these photographs in the Kruger National Park along the road to Orpen Gate. It was one of those sightings that we stumbled upon completely by chance. We had just been sitting at a typical Kruger lion sighting early that morning. It always begins with a few cars parked quietly watching the sleeping pride, then word gets out and the chaos begins. After fighting to get back up the one way road through the twenty odd vehicles that had almost instantly appeared we were finally out of the madness to continue our game drive. With all the vehicles in the vicinity focused on the sleeping lions, the surrounding roads were quiet.

Thinking that we had already hit the jackpot we were quite happily tootling along what seemed to be a long, straight, dare I say boring road. It happened so fast, an impala ran across the road and we came to an instant halt. We knew. A wild dog was running straight at our car out of nowhere, and then another, and another, if we had left that lion sighting five seconds later we would never have seen this, timing is everything.  Unfortunately for the wild dog they didn’t manage to catch up to this impala but fortunately for us this meant that they had to keep hunting. Wild dog often use the roads to hunt, I think just because they are obstacle free corridors through the bush. We followed the pack for about an hour, watching them chase another impala and finally disappearing into the bush after a heard of wildebeest.

We felt like we were part of their hunt. They ran all around us, not bothered by us at all. They rolled in dung on the road along the way, playfully chased each other around and had the odd lie down for a quick breather.


I love this shot, it’s actually on the wall in my home, he was clearly the dominant male of the pack. I had my eye on him for ages, while the others were behaving like naughty children he was embodiment of calm.