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GREEN WINGED PYTILIA Previously known as the Melba Finch (a name with slightly more charm if you ask me). These bright, tiny finches are little bubbles of brilliant colour that bounce around the African Savannah. Sightings are often fleeting due... Continue Reading →

The African Spoonbill

The African Spoonbill is an extraordinary bird. I mean seriously, it has a spoon on its' face! Jokes aside though, I find the adaptations of species like the spoonbill utterly fascinating. Their very long, thin legs allow them to wade... Continue Reading →

Birding, Why I love it.

I always wonder what people who don’t bird must think; like how can the word bird be used as a verb?  And what on earth does birding actually mean? And ok, you’re a birder? Huh?? My parents tell me that... Continue Reading →

Aren’t you gorgeous??

Summer time in Zululand is hot and the bush is thick, well usually, when South Africa is not in drought. This last summer has been hot yes but the bush is scarce. People tend to see this as a terrible... Continue Reading →

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