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A Jackal on a Hippo Carcass…

The circle of life is demonstrated on a deep level in these shots. A lone black-backed jackal is feeding on a hippo carcass. The drought has caused countless hippo havens to dry up, resulting in many deaths in the population. This... Continue Reading →

Elephants & a sunset

This is a scene I will never forget. I have experienced many a special moment in my life, but standing on the banks of the Chobe River with my family, a gin & tonic and a true African sunset was... Continue Reading →

On the hunt…

I took these photographs in the Kruger National Park along the road to Orpen Gate. It was one of those sightings that we stumbled upon completely by chance. We had just been sitting at a typical Kruger lion sighting early that... Continue Reading →

The Waterbuck

My favourite antelope, the Waterbuck. I think it's the fluff factor, if you have ever seen a Waterbuck calf you'll know exactly what I mean. A baby Waterbuck has more fluff than the unicorn from Despicable Me. Aside from that... Continue Reading →

Home is where the heart is

My life sometimes gets crazy as I'm sure everyone else's does to. I get so wrapped up in work or my personal life that I forget to take a moment, breathe and appreciate what I have. I live in the... Continue Reading →

Having the Leopard Luck 

For as long as I can remember, the leopard has always been my favourite animal. There is something so mysterious about them, I think that is the characteristic that draws the interest that always seems to follow them. They're different... Continue Reading →

Keep a journal, it will become an album full of memories 

Isn't it strange how time flies? Just over a week ago I was positively overcome with excitement for my Kruger trip and now I'm back at work, back to normalcy like it didn't even happen. Except it did. I love... Continue Reading →

The excitement is building for my sneaky Kruger getaway

I realize I've been a bit quiet lately. Learning to juggle my time now that I am in the working world is no easy task! My environmental internship is keeping me super busy and finding the time to have a... Continue Reading →

I live for weekends like this…

I recently spent a weekend at the Nsleweni bush lodge in the Imfalozi game reserve, this is a bit of a treat for me as it is a bit pricey in comparison to the main camp (Impila). Although Impila is... Continue Reading →

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